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Parallel power solution biogas 30kW

LPG NG generator set GreenPower home cooking gas generator set Fuel optional: LPG, butane, propane, natural gas, CNG Power range: From 700W to 7kW

FOB Price:
US $ 100.00 - 1500.00 / Pieces
10 Pieces
Monthly Capacity:
10000 Pieces
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T, Western Union


Item specifics

  • Fuel Type:


  • Cooling Mode:

    Air Cooled

  • Phase:

    Single Phase

  • Starting:

    Hand Start, Electric Start, Automaic Start

  • Output Voltage:

    110-120V, 220-240V, 380V

  • Frequency:

    50Hz, 60Hz

  • Output Power:

    > 10000W


Delivery Detail:

Product Description


GreenPower Parallel Power Solution

Fuel optional:LPG, natural gas, biogas

Power range: 6kW to 35kW

Parallel Power Solution Introduction:

Output Power Range:

From 6kw to 35kw, optional with single-phase, three-phase. Seamless Power Change Over from City Power to Generator Power. No stop for power supply even for 0.1 second, this will avoid computer data lose when power failure happens in super market cashier computer, or bank, etc. (optional with ATS model)

Low Running Cost:

When end user wants to use only 4kW, just turn on 1 generator, when needs 20kw power, just

turn on 5 generators. This will make running cost much lower than a single 20kw big generator. For example, a 50 seat big bus, when transports 50 passengers fuel cost is similar like only

transports 10passengers.

Easy Installation:

Gas supply requirement is the same as home cooking gas. No need special industrial use LPG cylinder or special industrial installation.

1:1 Starting:

No Need 3 or 4 times starting power for inductive loading equipment. Parallel Controller output power can start 8000W motor or air conditioner with 8500W. No need 3 or 4 times starting power. Normally, to start a 8000W motor or air conditioner will need 24kw power. This will good protection for loading equipment, and make life time longer.

When starting a 8kW motor, no need 25kW generator, 8500W parallel solution is enough.

When starting a 15kW motor, no need 45kW generator, 16kW parallel solution is enough.

More Stable Quality Electricity Power:

Low voltage distortion, stable electricity power output, suitable for loading equipment with CPU, such as computer, super market cashier computer, communication equipment, etc.

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